Flying Against all Odds

Posted on: April 27, 2016                  3337 visits

As the 19th University Game unfolds at the University of Yaounde II Soa, the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) has been remarkable particularly in Basketball and Football. Although the CUIB eagles have not yet recorded any Medal at the games there has been a display of unreserved courage and desire to win during the competition.

In football, CUIB beat the National Institute of Youth and Sport popularly known by its French acronym INJS 2-0, pulled a zero all tie with University of Doula, and finally losing 1-2 to Université de Montagnes which saw them bow out of the competition. In Basketball the CUIB eagles had earlier outclassed the Université de Montagnes 45-29 to move to the 8th finals were they beat University of Bamenda 48-42 to proceed to the Quarter finals were they were defeated by the Host University by 54-35. The Fan Club in their competition had been outstanding before facing off with the Institut Universitaire SIANTOU at the quarter finals were they were narrowly defeated by 9 points considering the level of experience of their opponent. However they are still participating in the General fan club performance which will run throughout the Games. In athletics CUIB’s best performance was recorded at the preliminary stages were Tax Franck won third place but failed to make it among the best 8 who qualified for the finals.

Coach Nkoa Benzol of the Male Basketball team said it was sad to crash out of the competition at the quarter finals as the team was capable of winning the gold medal. He went on to say although the objective of playing the quarter final was attained he wished they would have done more. Complementing his thoughts the Head coach of the University of Soa Basketball team Enyegue Francoise applauded the CUIB team highlighting that they had improved extraordinarily following their performance at the last university Games citing that he was particular impressed with the skills employed by both coach and players throughout the competition, contributing to Enyegue’s appraisal Basketball Head coach of University of Bamenda Halle Sunday said in his words “The game with CUIB was a tough game but the best team won”.

On football Assistant Coach Asongwe Christian said, all errors during the competition have been properly noted for amelioration against the future stating that, the players displayed a great team and desire to win spirit throughout the competition for which he highly praised them.

Reacting to these performances, the President of CUIB Rev. Fr. George Nkeze who paid a courtesy visit to the athletes to encourage them said, “CUIB students are full of surprises and to have made it this far in the competition it’s simply amazing…I am proud of them…” The President told the athletes to embrace the concept of FAIL (Failure Always Improves Learning) if they must improve on their performance. The president urged the athletes to focus on the games and above all understand it is just a competition.

Despite the defeats, CUIB stands presently at the 12th position among the 19 universities in the competition while hoping the female Basketball team can do the magic against the University of Douala in their next game. While hoping for the best; we can only sing the Symphony of Victory!