It is not all about wining…Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo

Posted on: May 03, 2016                  1617 visits

The curtains of the 19th Edition of the University Games was drawn Saturday 30th April 2016 after a week of intense competition at the Soa Integration Stadium by the Minister of Higher Education, His Excellency Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, who called on the about 3000 athletes to honor their participation in the games as it’s not all about wining.

In his speech the Minister commended all athletes and institutions who were remarkable in their performances throughout the competition. He went on to appreciate all participants in their various capacities for upholding a spirit of fraternity and solidarity towards one another irrespective of their ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. He acknowledged the participation of companies and small businesses during the games as their activities generated about 2500 jobs for some students. He ended his speech by appreciating the students who worked closely with the Forces of Law and Order to ensure a hitch free university games.

The 19th Edition of the University Games saw Nguelefac Stephanie of the National Institute of Youth and Sports known by its French abbreviation INJS emerge as best athlete; she won 4 gold medals while beating the records of the 1500m and 5000m in athletics of the female category at the level of the university games. Her institution also emerged overall best in the competitions recording 40 medals; 19 gold, 14 silver and 7 bronze.

Although the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) had no medals or trophies the Fan Club emerged 6th in the Class B General Fan’s Club Animation and was lauded by the Soa Games magazine on page 4 No. 007 of April 29 for their creativity and innovation brought to the framework of the fan’s club.


“Although we did not win any medal, I still consider the CUIB team victorious as participating in the sports jamboree and wining some games was a thing of joy. We have identified our loopholes, we shall fix them and stand out next year” – Mayebi John, Coordinator CUIB Sports Academy.

“Our Participation in the games this year has taught us a lot of lessons, we shall act upon them to improve our performance and win medals in the next edition of the games” – Simbo Emmanuel, CUIB Marshall.

“The athletes were exceptional considering they were participating in the games for the first time, it is a work in progress, and with the experience gained we shall make CUIB proud next year”. Ngolefac Nkafu – Coach CUIB Fan’s Club

“I am not disappointed because we fought as a team, always encouraged each other and supporting the athletes in their up and down moments. We have gained some experience this year and we are going to do our best at the next university games” Tebue Danielle Nancy – Fan’s Club.

In his closing remark, Prof. Fame Ndongo announced to all present at the closing ceremony the University of Bamenda will be hosting the 2017 university games. He also requested a minute of silence for Late Prof. Peter Agbor Tabi former Minister of Higher Education who passed away some days back. As CUIB prepares to stand out at the 2017 University Games we can only sing the Symphony of victory!