Building the Future from the Past

Posted on: May 12, 2016                  2767 visits

The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) on May 11, 2016 was thrilled by the testimony of Irene Magueme a dynamic motivational speaker and youth activist particularly for young girls, who was guest speaker for the month of May under the theme, “Taking Responsibility for your life”.

In her discourse Irene told the CUIB Community her childhood was filled with abuse, rejection, hate, revenge and pain. To this she stated however that everything you go through is part of your story and should be used as a tool for development. She advised the CUIB community to be detached from blaming others and start taking responsibility for their actions. During her discourse she encourage everyone to have a vision, a plan and a destination without which, they will always be doing the incorrect things and routing to the wrong matrix. She went on to say such visions and plans will only be achievable if there is hard work, embracing of good values, interaction with not just people but the right people and above all communion with God. Irene encouraged students not to heed to negative thoughts which can lead to low self esteem but to learn to always pick up their broken pieces and move on. In this direction she cautioned everyone to stop trying to please everybody and undermining their abilities saying “You must have a purpose and destination”. Reminiscing her story she said “The past should be the past and should only inspire you for a better future”. Irene pointed out that while it is important to learn from the experiences of others to make better judgments; everyone has what it takes to be successful.

Reacting to her discourse the President of CUIB Rev. Fr. George Nkeze said “ I feel encouraged by Irene’s Story” adding that it is imperative to stand for the right values and look up to God. He encouraged the community to heed to her advice and be exemplary in the society.

In spite of her setbacks in life, Irene Mangueme has stood the test of time; she says she is passionate about sharing her experience and helping people in deplorable situations as well as sharing her experience to inspire people. The Guest Speaker event which holds once a month is an academic exercise at CUIB to help guide and inspire students.