Policies and Procedures

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This Guide is complementary to those available from other Schools, colleges and Units that work together to provide services to students and other stakeholders of the university. The CERI main office is official source for all enquiries relating to:
Student Entrepreneurship Training and Practice (ENP) program;
Business and commercial activities of the University;
The student business incubator, and Venture Capital program;
Continuous Assessment (CA), information and material (scripts, questions, marking guides, statistics, class attendance sheet, etc).

ENP is built on a framework that guides, challenges and empower students to be able to:
Identify income generating ideas,
Develop a culture of determination,
Gather accessible tools to create and challenge existing industries.
Use entrepreneurial values and approaches to solve major problems.

Our students are groomed to understand that there is no need to wait for large and complex infrastructures and organizations to be able to transform ideas generated into tangible solutions. Typically, as budding Apply imagination to challenges to conceive prototype and create solutions that deliver environmental, social and economic value.

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